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Christian von Borries: IPHONECHINA, 2014

Dortmunder U | 3. Etage

The series HMKV's Video of the Month presents remarkable new video pieces by international artists in monthly intervals, curated by different curators. For April Inke Arns has selected Christian von Borries's new film:

Christian von Borries

Video, 69:00 min., 2014

Imagine Apple was a state. Would you rather live in Apple or in China? Christian von Borries poses this seemingly absurd question in his documentary-essay film IPHONECHINA (2014). Von Borries is also interested in another question: If states are run like companies, are companies run like states?

Apple, the world’s biggest company, makes 10% of its profit in the world’s most populated country – China. China is also the country where all Apple products are produced. The communist-capitalist state claims it is on its way to becoming a “harmonious society”. Since the events at Tiananmen Square, there is an unspoken agreement with the Chinese people: If the people abstain from political engagement the state promises to reward them with individual wealth.


Christian von Borries (* 1961) is a German musician, composer, producer and film maker who lives and works in Berlin. His films include: The Dubai in Me (2010), MOCRACY – Neverland in Me (2012), IPHONECHINA (2014). Von Borries' work has been presented a.o. at the Lucerne Festival, Volksbühne Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg and at  documenta 12.

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Text (in German):
Inke Arns: "Apple, THX 1138 und wir. Anmerkungen zu IPHONECHINA von Christian von Borries" (PDF, 2014)