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Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke: Weil ich dich nicht mehr liebe (Because I don't love you anymore), 2013

Dortmunder U | 3. Etage

The series HMKV Video of the Month presents remarkable new video pieces by international artists in monthly intervals, curated by different curators. In May, we have selected the recipients of the NRW State Grant for Media Artists (f) in 2013:

Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke
Weil ich dich nicht mehr liebe (Because I don't love you anymore)

Video, 20:00 mins., 2013

The video piece Weil ich dich nicht mehr liebe (Because I don't love you anymore) examines an ordinary place from a new angle. It is a recycling facility, the city's central garbage collection point. Here, one can not only get rid of one's discarded furniture, but also of the memories which are attached to these objects. The video dramatises the act of throwing out things which used to be meaningful. The prosaic recycling centre becomes a space literally filled with emotional value.

Verena Seibt (*1980) und Clea Stracke (*1982), Cologne, have been collaborating since 2006. Their artistic research investigates real (urban, social, architectural or institutional) spaces and uncovers the hidden truths of these spaces with tongue-in-cheek humour.

Verena Seibt and Clea Stracke received the Stipendium für Medienkünstlerinnen des Minsteriums für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW in 2013. In this framework of this grant they realized the video "Weil ich dich nicht mehr liebe".

HMKV's Video of the Month is presented at the HMKV foyer / bookshop (Dortmunder U, 3rd floor).

HMKV's Video of the Month is free of admission.

Currently on view at HMKV: World of Matter – On the global Ecologies of Raw Matter (until 22 June 2014, Admission 5€ / 2,50€).

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