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Dortmunder U | Loudspeaker | 01/02/2017 - 04/30/2017

Starting on January 2nd, 2017, the HMKV invites you to participate in a very special project in the Lautsprecher (Loudspeaker) in the Dortmunder U: In the framework of PLAY IT LOUD visitors can play loud and present to others what they usually hear individually via their smartphones, MP3 players and headphones.

In the „Lautsprecher“ (Loudspeaker), the world’s smallest club with the biggest window – high above the roofs of Dortmund. Using the Loudspeaker is really easy: You simply have to connect your device (smartphone, tablet etc.) via Bluetooth to the Loudspeaker.

Motto: The programme is made by the audience. The users are turning into DJs. And loneliness is transformed into togetherness.


Tomorrow, 4/21/2018
Guided Tour with the Curators „AFRO-TECH“
16:00 | Dortmunder U

Sun, 4/22/2018
Public Guided Tour “Afro-Tech”
16:00 | Dortmunder U