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Event | Dortmunder U

Family Sunday at HMKV: Little Red Riding Hood spotted in the Ruhr area!

We make our own news by cutting and pasting newspaper articles and images.Children can join the event at any time during the opening hours and participate in a paper chase to get to know the exhibition in a playful way. At 2pm we offer a guided children's tour. This event is held in German only!

2/17/2013, 02/24/2013, 03/3/2013 | 16:00 Uhr
Event | Dortmunder U

Guided Tour fm-scenario (free admission)

2/16/2013 - 4/1/2013
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

Eran Schaerf: fm-scenario – broadcasting language – undercover operation – station announcement – error

fm-scenario is a project by Eran Schaerf that examines the construction of mass media and the production of space in the digital era. It consists of a website that allows users to create new narratives with audio bits from an archive of listeners’ calls, various features and news. One such narrative provides the scenario for the artist’s work at HMKV (6th floor of the Dortmunder U), an installation that blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, broadcaster and audience, user and author.