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6/25/2013 - 7/7/2013
Event | Dortmunder U

Installation | Julius Popp | bit.fall

The installation bit.fall transforms cascading water into language and text: Words appear on a curtain of waterdrops as if by magic. They are only readable for the fraction of a second and dissolve during their fall. The words are filtered from the internet in real time by an algorithm and visualize for a brief moment what is happening around us in the digital world.

Gestaltung: // Foto © Daniel Hofer

3/23/2013 - 7/28/2013
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

HIS MASTER'S VOICE: On Voice and Language

HIS MASTER'S VOICE: On Voice and Language is an exhibition on the performativity of voice and language, the inauthenticity and uncanniness of speaking, voice as a political speech act, and language as performative utterance.