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10/3/2013, 10/4/2013, 10/5/2013, 07/25/2013 | 20:30 Uhr
Event | Former AOK building, Königswall 25, Dortmund

NEW INDUSTRIES FESTIVAL: machina eX – Hedge Knights – Live-Adventure-Game

An abandoned building becomes the setting for a live adventure game. Imagine the office of an overworked trader in Dortmund’s Unionviertel. Market rates are ticking by on the wall. Suddenly, an alarm bell rings: prices are crashing! The spectators must step in: playing a point-and-click computer game, they can explore the office as a playground, picking up, testing, collecting, using and combining objects as the room reacts to the changes.

3/23/2013 - 7/28/2013 | 18:00 Uhr
Event | Dortmunder U

Guided Tour HIS MASTER'S VOICE (included in the admission)

Gestaltung: // Foto © Daniel Hofer

3/23/2013 - 7/28/2013
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

HIS MASTER'S VOICE: On Voice and Language

HIS MASTER'S VOICE: On Voice and Language is an exhibition on the performativity of voice and language, the inauthenticity and uncanniness of speaking, voice as a political speech act, and language as performative utterance.