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3/5/2017 | 15:00 Uhr
Event | Dortmunder U

Guided tour for children “The World Without Us”

Our kids’ tour is suitable for the entire family and takes place every first Sunday of the month at 3 pm.

3/5/2017 | 12:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Event | Dortmunder U

Family Sunday „The World Without Us“

How will the world look like in the future? Together with you we want to imagine the Earth in 100 years. Create snow globes with fantastic landscapes from the future.

3/1/2017 - 3/31/2017
Video of the Month | Dortmunder U

Florian Dedek: Dann muss es ja ein was weiß ich was Gutes geben

In the series HMKV Video of the Month, HMKV presents current video works by international artists for the duration of one month each. In March we are presenting “Dann muss es ja ein was weiß ich was Gutes geben” by Florian Dedek.

1/2/2017 - 4/30/2017
| Dortmunder U


In the framework of PLAY IT LOUD visitors can play loud and present to others what they usually hear via their smartphones, MP3 players and headphones. In the „Lautsprecher“, the world’s smallest club with the biggest window – high above the roofs of Dortmund.

10/22/2016 - 3/5/2017 | 16:00 Uhr
Event | Dortmunder U

Public Guided Tour „The World Without Us“

Every Sunday at 4 pm you can get exciting background information on our current exhibition in one of our free guided tours!

10/22/2016 - 3/5/2017
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

The World Without Us. Narratives on the age of non-human actors

In „The World Without Us“ humans will be replaced by machines, Artificial Intelligences will be optimized by other AIs and algorithms will be programmed by self-learning algorithms. The artists in this exhibition explore the possibility of an ecology after man.