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9/5/2019 | 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

Lecture: Jonas Staal "From Alt-Right to Popular Propaganda Art"

In our lecture series "The Kids Are Alt-Right", we invite various media theorists*, journalists*, artists* and historians* who will explore the different aspects of Alt-Right and alternative rights in their lectures.

9/1/2019 - 9/30/2019
Video of the Month | Dortmunder U

Sohrab Hura: The Lost Head and the Bird

In the series HMKV Video of the Month, HMKV presents current video works by international artists for the duration of one month each.

3/30/2019 - 9/22/2019
Exhibition | Dortmunder U

The Alt-Right Complex – On Right-Wing Populism Online

The international group exhibition will address current right-wing populism that is using the Internet and social media in particular for dissemination. The twelve international artistic positions are accompanied by a publication containing a critical glossary that explains the most important terms from the Alt-Right context.