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9/10/2004 - 9/26/2004
Exhibition | PHOENIX Halle

Expanded Cinema: Film as spectacle, event and performance

hartware medien kunst verein + medien_kunst_netz dortmund presented the series "Expanded Cinema: Film as spectacle, event and performance", curated by the London-based film curator Mark Webber. During three consecutive weekends, approximately forty film performances and Expanded Cinema events from the sixties until today were presented which so far have only rarely been shown in Germany or which had their German premiere in Dortmund. More than 15 artists - among them Carolee Schneemann, Anthony McCall, Valie Export and Malcolm Le Grice – presented their work in person.

7/10/2004 - 8/10/2004
Workshop | PHOENIX Halle

Heimatwechsel (Change of Home)

"Heimatwechsel" is an interdisciplinary 4-week workshop for students specialising in the areas of design, visual communication, art, media and culture sciences. The tutors of the workshop are three internationally renowned artists from the USA, Spain and Germany: Antoni Muntadas, Daniel García Andújar and Bettina Lockemann.

5/1/2004 - 7/4/2004
Exhibition | PHOENIX Halle

So wie die Dinge liegen (as matters stand)

hartware medien kunst verein will be presenting the exhibition "So wie die Dinge liegen" (as matters stand) from 1 May to 4 July; the exhibition was conceived by Hans D. Christ and Iris Dressler as part of "scene: schweiz in nrw", the 37th International Culture Days of Dortmund with Switzerland. "So wie die Dinge liegen" comprises works of photography and video, which explore the spatial concepts of the modern-day subject, i.e. its emplacement in the world, in a variety of different ways.