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Football Films

PHOENIX Halle | 06/24/2006 - 07/01/2006

Opening: Sat, June 24, 2006 / 16:00, at PHOENIX Halle
"Die Todeself", Film, 2005, 50 Min., mit Filmautor Claus Bredenbrock

On September 19, 1941, a football team from Kiev including former players of Dynamo Kiev won a match against a team of the German Wehrmacht. As several players were arrested and executed shortly after the match, it became known as the „death match“ in the legends of many countries occupied by Nazi Germany, comparable to the „miracle of Bern“.

Sat, July 1, 2006 / 16:00, at PHOENIX Halle
"Wie der Fußball nach Georgien kam", Videocollage, collected by Ernst Schreckenberg, ca. 75 Min.

The title refers to a Georgian film comedy from the 1970s in which British engineers at the beginning of the last century are importing football into Georgia. A nice example of the very early globalization of a sport before its global presence in the mass media which can be dated precisely: to the World Cup in England in 1966 which happened to be the first live transmission of a football competition.

Selection and presentation:
Ernst Schreckenberg

In cooperation with:
Volkshochschule Dortmund


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