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Rekorder Race 2006: We want you for Weltrekorder

PHOENIX HalleEinlass: 14.00 Uhr, Beginn 15.00 Uhr | 06/03/2006

Results of the 3rd International Rekorder Race 2006

Weltrekorder 2006 in the "Walkman" category
"KISD FF1" from the racing team "KISD FAST FORWARD" (starting number 18, time: 6,40 sec, grandezza score: 38)

the Fastest
"Kabatronix" from the racing team TonArt (starting number 30, time: 6,18 sec, grandezza score: 33)

Grandezza number One
"KISD FF3" from the racing team "KISD FAST FORWARD" (starting number 35, time: 18,1 sec, grandezza score: 49)

2nd place
"Renner S" from the racing team Studio R (starting number 9, time: 7,13 sec, grandezza score: 31)

3rd place
"KISD FF2 3" from the racing team "KISD FAST FORWARD" (starting number 31, time: 9,7 sec, grandezza score: 39)

Weltrekorder 2006 in the Boombox category
"Funk Master Flex" from the racing team Bling Raiders (starting number 20, time: 12,03 sec, grandezza score: 40)

* * *

Recorder Race 2006: You better get ready!


On Saturday, June 3, 2006, the long awaited Recorder Race 2006 will take place at PHOENIX Halle in Dortmund-Hoerde.

35 racing recorders
(cassette tape recorders that have been transformed into racing bolides) will compete for the much sought after title of „World Recorder 2006“. Of the 35 courageous teams 27 have registered in the „walkmen“ category and 8 in the „boombox“ category.

The organizers, FORMforte – research laboratory for design from Munich and the Dortmund-based Hartware MedienKunstVerein, are pretty sure that this event will become one of the biggest sports highlights of the year 2006.

The international grand jury is composed of the following acclaimed specialists: Evil Knievel (stuntman, USA – president of the grand jury), Prof. Sabine an Huef (Professor for graphics design at FH Dortmund, Design Department), Jacob Lillemose (journalist for Samvirke, the biggest Danish monthly), Dr. Inke Arns (Artistic Director of Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund), N.N. (jury member of the audience).

The 3rd International Recorder Race will be moderated by Gerrit Bahlmann (Funkhaus Europa/WDR5), while the DJ Timmy Twister Set (Dortmund) will delight the audience at PHOENIX Halle with enjoyable sounds and rhythms.

The race starts at 15:00 Uhr, doors open at 14:00.

The admission charge of 5 Euro (children under 12 only 3 Euro) will be invested into the fostering and future development of recorder racing sports.

On view at PHOENIX Halle are the following exhibitions of the Hartware MedienKunstVerein (free admission with a ticket fort he Recorder Race 2006): „Glamour and Globalization. Football, Media and Art“, „Solar Radio Station“ in the framework of „mit allem rechnen. Media art from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania“ and „UBERMORGEN.COM: ART FID“.


3rd International Recorder Race 2006

FORMforte – Forschungslabor fuer Gestaltung, Muenchen
Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund

PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, Hochofenstraße / Ecke Rombergstraße, Dortmund-Hoerde (keine Postadresse!)

Saturday, June 3, 2006, doors open at 14:00; race starts at 15:00

Gerrit Bahlmann (Funkhaus Europa/WDR5)

DJ Timmy Twister Set (Dortmund)

Race Directors:
Anne Bergner, Markus Lübbe, Axel Schmid (München)

Project Management Dortmund:
Juliane Bentz, Stephanie Julia Wagner (Dortmund)

Technical Director:
Uwe Gorski, Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund

Project Partners:
Fonds Soziokultur, ID-Consult Innovation & Development

Supported by:
Ruhgebiet.de - International Hostel Dortmund, tonart Beschallungstechnik Dortmund, Heimatdesign

Hartware MedienKunstVerein is supported by:
Kulturbuero Stadt Dortmund, dortmund-project, PHOENIX, LEG

5 Euro, reduced 3 Euro
(including the exhibitions of the Hartware MedienKunstVerein „Glamour and Globalization. Football, Media and Art“, „Solar Radio Station“ in the framework of „mit allem rechnen. Media art from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania“ and „UBERMORGEN.COM: ART FID“.

How to get there with your car:
B 54 Abfahrt Rombergpark, Nortkirchenstraße Richtung Hörde, links in Entenpoth (Tempo 30), dann links in die Hochofenstraße

How to get there with the subway:
U41 Richtung Hörde bis Dortmund-Hörde Bahnhof, 10 Min. Fahrzeit ab Do-Hbf, dann 10 Min. Fußweg

Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Güntherstraße 65, 44143 Dortmund
Telefon (0231) 823 106, info@hmkv.de



After the grand success of the previous years, it’s all happening again in 2006 in sight of the Dortmund’s Westfalen-Stadion: screw on the wheels and off we go, „fast forwarding“ to the starting line, driven by nothing but the motor that used to spool magnetic tape.

But recorder racing is not just about speed. A further important criterion is the quality of style, design and performance of both the vehicle and its team. To award points for this „overall grandezza,“ there will again be a highly competent „international top jury“ of prominent representative from the fields of design, art, politics, and racing sports.

Born from the idea „How does one actually recycle obsolete technologies?“ this competition is a racing sport event in which a growing number of enthusiastic friends of recorder racing meet and set up their fabulous racer, unbelievable creativity and a real sporting spirit up against one another.

So, why don‚t you bring your old tape recorders out of the basement, warm up your soldering gun, and fast forward to the Recorder Race of 2006!

In cooperation with:
FORMforte, Munich

Final signup cut-off date:
Friday, May 27th 2006

Important information, racing regulations, sign-up forms, and tips and tricks can be found at
Supported by
Fonds Soziokultur
id-consult, Munich


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