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Filmstill „Shivers"


Dortmunder U | Cinema at the U | 09/21/2017 , 20:00

Canada | 1975 | 87 MIN | 35mm

Director: David Cronenberg
With: Paul Hampton, Lynn Lowry, Joe Silver, Alan Migicovsky, Barbara Steele

In the luxurious, ultramodern Starliner Towers apartment complex, a scientist is searching for a parasite that will make organ transplants redundant. His idea: to create an organism that will reawaken the compulsive primal instincts of the human race. Experimenting on a young woman, the project spirals out of control as his worm-like parasite finds ideal conditions for reproduction. It spreads fast among the largely young occupants of the apartment complex, like a sexually transmitted disease, sending those infected into a sexual frenzy. Uncontrollable violence and strange behaviours spread within the claustrophobic seclusion of the apartment complex, threatening humanity itself.

Released in 1975, SHIVERS, David Cronenberg's first commercial success, laid the foundations for the Canadian's director reputation as a pioneer of body horror. With its Brutalist setting and gloomy dystopian analysis of social decadence, SHIVERS shares its central motifs with Dortmunder Kunstverein's current Golf Musk exhibition and HMKV's Brutalism Appreciation Society.


Fri, 3/29/2019
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