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Aus der Videoarbeit „Form & Control: The Foundry“ © Niklas Goldbach

Niklas Goldbach: Form & Control: The Foundry

Dortmunder U | Ebene 3

Niklas Goldbach
Form & Control: The Foundry
Video, 2017, 7:00 min.

In the series HMKV Video of the Month, HMKV presents current video works by international artists for the duration of one month each. In May we are presenting Form & Control: The Foundry by Niklas Goldbach. HMKV is presenting the world premiere of this video.

The Foundry is the third part of Niklas Goldbach’s open video series Form & Control. The video was recorded on the grounds of GlobalFoundries in Dresden, one of the world’s largest computer chip producers. It shows external views of the chip factory located in the so-called “Silicon Saxony” – the camera is circling around the building as in all the videos in this series. On the textual level we encounter quotations from Marvin, the depressive robot from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1978) — he is depressive because he hast o store all memories and is not allowed to forget anything. Niklas Goldbach’s video is addressing Artificial Intelligence and the ‚immortality’ of digital information. The so-called „spritz“ reading technology used by Niklas Goldbach is a supposedly super-efficient but also highly non-sensual way of reading where the content is „streamed“ into the reader’s head (

In parallel to HMKV's Video of the Month Niklas Goldbach's video Habitat C3B (2008) is on view in the exhibition The Brutalism Appreciation Society (until 24 September 2017).

Niklas Goldbach, *1973 in Witten (DE); 2000-2003 studied experimental media art at the UDK Berlin; 2005 Meisterschüler at the UDK Berlin; solo exhibitions a.o. 2016 12x12, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; 2017 Villa Aurora Artist in Residency Program, Los Angeles; lives and works in Berlin (DE).