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Documentation | 2014

10,00 €

INDUSTRIAL (Research) asks a deceptively simple question: What happened to industry? This question applies not only to the Ruhr but also to large parts of Belgium, Northern France, Northern England, the USA, and formerly socialist states in Eastern Europe. How does the so-called structural change affect communities and landscapes? And what are its repercussions in art and popular culture? The book documents HMKV's eponymous exhibition curated by Inke Arns and Thibaut de Ruyter which took place in the context of the NEW INDUSTRIES FESTIVAL 2013-2014.

Title: INDUSTRIAL (Research)
Editors: Inke Arns, Thibaut de Ruyter, HMKV
Graphic design: labor b - designbüro, Dortmund
With contributions by: Inke Arns, Thibaut de Ruyter, Florian Wüst
Year: 2014
Language: Deutsch, Englisch
Editorial department: Inke Arns, Thibaut de Ruyter
Size: Pocket book, 240 pages, numerous illustrations, two-coloured, cover image using Hans Klein's Stained glass windows of the Dortmund Central Railway Station, mid-1950s
Publisher: Revolver Publishing by VVV
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-95763-111-4
Price: 10,00 € + Versand innerhalb Deutschlands / + Shipping within Germany

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