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Digital Folklore: To computer users, with love and respect

Book | 2015

34,50 €

Technical innovations shape only a small part of computer and network culture. It doesn't matter much who invented the microprocessor, the mouse, TCP/IP or the World Wide Web; nor does it matter what ideas were behind these inventions. What matters is who uses them. Only when users start to express themselves with these technical innovations do they truly become relevant to culture at large.

Users' endeavors, like glittering star backgrounds, photos of cute kittens and rainbow gradients, are mostly derided as kitsch or in the most extreme cases, postulated as the end of culture itself. In fact this evolving vernacular, created by users for users, is the most important, beautiful and misunderstood language of new media.

As the first book of its kind, this elaborately designed reader contains essays and projects investigating many different facets of Digital Folklore: online amateur culture, DIY electronics, dirtstyle, typo-nihilism, memes, teapots, penis enlargement …

Title: Digital Folklore: To computer users, with love and respect
Editors: Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied
Graphic design: Manuel Bürger
Year: 2015
Language: englisch/in Teilen deutsch
Size: 17 × 25 cm, 288 pages, with poster
Publisher: merz & solitude, Merz Akademie
ISBN: 978-3-937982-25-0
Price: 34,50 € + Versand innerhalb Deutschlands / + Shipping within Germany

Texts and projects by Cory Arcangel, Julia Böger, Manuel Bürger, Helene Dams, Dragan Espenschied, Jörg Frohnmayer, Marc Grimm, Christopher Heller, Yunchul Kim, Dennis Knopf, Stefan Krappitz, Florian Kröner, Tobias Leingruber, Olia Lialina, Leo Merz, Bernadette Neuroth, o+ro, johannes p osterhoff, Isabel Pettinato, Michael Ruß, Alexander Schlegel, Theo Seemann, Bert Schutzbach, Siegfried Zielinsky

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