Concert with Dagobert and Kay Shanghai

HMKV at the Dortmunder U | Cinema, ground floor

As part of the exhibition House of Mirrors: Artificial Intelligence as Phantasm, the HMKV cordially invites you to the Dortmunder U cinema for a concert with Dagobert and Kay Shanghai (admission from 19:00).

Dagobert (actually Lukas Jäger) is a Swiss musician who has been releasing songs in his unique style since 2013. This is difficult to describe: many synthesizers, a calm voice, Swiss accent and lyrics that are reminiscent of Schlager, but still profound. While Scrooge's content has so far been rather subscribed to monothematic love treatises, on his latest album Jäger he risks a great balancing act between morbid visions of the future (2070), the most extreme possible wanderlust (Aldebaran) and cybernetic love fantasies (Nie Wieder Arbeiten). Furthermore, you can hear Scrooge's extensive Stanislaw Lem reading, marvel at unusual RnB influences and realize once again that there is neither comparable music nor a comparable artist.

Opening the evening is club owner and queer German rapper Kay Shanghai. During the pandemic, Kay Shanghai was deprived of his real occupation and decided to record a rap album. His debut is called Haram and features decidedly gay rap. This makes him the first openly gay German-language rapper. The songs on his debut are sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, sometimes a little obscene and sometimes tender. Sympathetic and stylistically confident, honest and direct, the pieces renounce clichés and conformist thinking in equal measure. In this way, Kay Shanghai also sets himself apart musically from current rap trends. Thomas Winkler writes in Musikexpress: "Cozy flicking old-school hip-hop that likes to rhyme, and so will run prima in Kay Shanghai's own club."

The concert is free and registration is not required. However, the nuber of guests are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis on the night of the event. We would like to point out that no drinks are allowed in the cinema at Dortmunder U. These may only be consumed in the foyer and outside the building. Leaving the building as well as re-entry during the concert will be regulated by admission wristbands.


Design of the illustration: e o t Berlin with the use of photos by Regina Clev (Dagobert) and Noel Richter (Kay Shanghai).

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