Family Sunday

HMKV at the Dortmunder U | Level 3

Every first Sunday of the month, a varied, free programme for the whole family takes place throughout the Dortmunder U.

The HMKV is showing the exhibition Jana Kerima Stolzer & Lex Rütten - We grow, growand grow, we're gonna be alright and this is our show, in which seven, non-human beings tell of their view of the world. It's about symbioses, microorganisms, plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and technical objects. Technology, ecology & science fiction, meet in videos, installations and virtual reality.

HMKV offers the following programme for the exhibition on Family Sunday:

Garden in a Glass
12:00 - 15:00

Create your own little garden in a glass. The interplay of plants, light and water creates a mini-ecosystem in the closed vessel, i.e. a kind of living community. The garden in a glass can take care of itself without outside help, grow and last for years.

Exhibition riddel
12:00 - 17:00

With our puzzle and accompanying booklet, you can explore the exhibition while helping Coral Corinna solve various riddles. Are you ready to meet seven fantasy creatures and learn more about them? Suitable from reading age

Public guided tour

During the guided tour of the exhibition, you can learn more about the background of the exhibition and the works. Duration: approx. 45 min.

As always, the entire programme is free of charge, registration is not required.

Image: Team HMKV.

The programme is funded by:

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