WORLD OF MATTER EXPEDITION with Emily Eliza Scott and Inke Arns

Dortmunder U | Level 3

Emily Eliza Scott has developed a series of interpretive tours for World of Matter that aim to bring this exhibition into sharper view, to highlight relations between works, to suggest multiple pathways for navigation, and to link the themes of World of Matter to the Ruhr region, with its own significant history of resource extraction.

These tours include two onsite expeditions with curator Inke Arns as well as an audio guide available to visitors for the duration of the exhibition.

Emily Eliza Scott, a core member of World of Matter, is an artist, art historian, and former U.S. National Park Service ranger.

The expedition will be in English.

Meeting point at the entrance of the exhibition, admission included in the entrance fee.

Duration: about 45 mins.

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