ISEA2010 RUHR – »electronic atmospheres«

19. August 2010 - 15. September 2010 Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund, Dortmunder Kunstverein, Galerie im RWE Tower, Dortmunder U, PACT Zollverein Essen und Duisburg-Ruhrort

More than thirty international artists and artist groups urge visitors to the exhibition into new perspectives on environmental issues, questions of identity and discussions about the ever-present social-media. What does a human hair sound like? Which sight will capture your imagination? Who sets the rules in the digital world?

The ISEA2010 RUHR presents outstanding contemporary works of international media art and the current position of artistic entanglements with science and technology. It offers an overview of the most pressing issues and topics in media art.

The displayed artworks have been selected by an international jury from the submissions to the Call for Proposals. Divided between the cities of Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen are shown 29 works from 37 artists representing 16 countries in total.

Most of these works will be presented in the Dortmund Museum for Art and Cultural History. The works engage with topical themes such as climate change and the deconstruction of identity concepts, and revel in alchemical experiments.

A particular focus on new productions from Brazil, presented as part of the ISEA2010 RUHR Latin American Forum jointly with the Sergio Motta Institute. The works by Lucas Bambozzi, Mariana Manhães and Bruno Vianna were selected by the institute's artistic director Giselle Beiguelman.

The works by BCL, Soichiro Mihara & Kazuki Saita & Hiroko Mugibayashi, Sašo Sedlaček and Ei Wada are part of the international cooperative project Exchange Emergences which is shown in the Dortmunder Kunstverein. The cooperation between the Japan Media Arts Festival (jp) ( and Coded Cultures Festival (at) was established during the Japan – Austria Year 2009 and focused on project cultures and their creative codes at the intersection of art, science, technology and design.

The new presentation of the video installation Exchange Fields from Bill Seaman, restored by the inter media art institute Düsseldorf, can be seen in Dortmunder U.
In Dortmunder U, next to the TRUST exhibition, a presentation from the inter media art institute, Bill Seaman’s newly restored video installation Exchange Fields can be seen.
The gallery in the RWE Tower offers a platform for projects that are active at the interface of art, science, and technology with a focus on setting down new design strategies.

The installations Just Noticeable Difference by Christopher Salter and Synchronous Objects, reproduced by Norah Zuniga Shaw, form part of the exhibition and are displayed from 20 until 22 August 2010 at PACT Zollverein, Essen.


Exhibition venues:

Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
Hansastr. 3
44137 Dortmund

opening hours:

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun 10.00-17.00
Thu 10.00-20.00
Sat 12.00-17.00
closed on Mon

Admission: € 5/3

Dortmunder Kunstverein
Hansastr. 2-4
44137 Dortmund

opening hours:
Tue - Fri 15.00-18.00
Sun 11.00-16.00
closed on Mon and public holiday


Galerie im RWE Tower
Freistuhl 7
44137 Dortmund

opening hours:
Mon - Fri 9.00-18.00


Catalogue ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition

Edited by Stefan Riekeles, Andreas Broeckmann. With descriptions and illustrations of all contributions to the ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition.
Published by Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg – Berlin. Price: € 18

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