Stefan Panhans: SORRY

HMKV Video of the Month

On view 1 – 31 October 2017

In SORRY we see a somehow nightmarish, jam-packed train ride of a bunch of restless, tired and closemouthed people looking like half-professional, contemporary celebrity lookalikes; among others, in company of lots of XXL-coffee-to-go cups, a ghost of a 1930’s dirndl, two police officers in full rig, a jogging zombie and the military. Appearing absent and wordless, they carry all sorts of strange luggage looking like remains of a department store plundering and seem to follow certain unknown ritual rules until everything starts again. The situation seems surreal but, on the other hand, we recognize a lot of our contemporary reality in it.

Written and directed by: Stefan Panhans
Assistant Director: Sofia Zwokbenkel
Cast: Fabian Appel, Christoph Assauer, Johannes Assig, Katja Inga Baldowski, Micaela Bara, Gaëtane Douin, Marie Luise Birkholz, Charlotte Crome, Caroline von Gelting, Lisa Marie Janke, Heiko Klaas, Dominik Krolik, Verena Landmann, Petra Lange, Torsten Lange, Heiko Raulin, Sophie von Redecker, Sebastian Reuss, Sabine Melanie Rittel, Bendix Sperber, Philipp Wetzel, Andrea Winkler
Director of Photography: Lilli Thalgott, Assistance: Eike Zuleeg
Costume and Props: Elke Rüss, Assistance: Hinda Sarvan
Hair & Make up: Paulin Pospischil, Jana Stelter, Sarah Wulf
Set Design: Max Moormann
Music: Cornelius Schöler
Postproduction: Wolfgang Oelze
Catering: Nicole Büsing

Kindly supported by
Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn

In the series HMKV Video of the Month, HMKV presents current video works by international artists for the duration of one month each – selected by Inke Arns.

Stefan Panhans

HD-Video, 2010, colour/sound, exhibition loop 8:08 Min. / screening version 9:35 Min.

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