HMKV's digital programme during closure

Even though HMKV is temporarily closed, we still offer various digital offers for our visitors on our website and on our social media channels, which can be enjoyed from home: Since April 2020, the latest HMKV Video of the Month has been available online here. In November 2020 we are showing The Mask Maker and the Tree by Abner Preis. The American-Israeli artist, who also took part in the HMKV exhibition Evil Clowns with a large new production, here shows a work about a mask maker and a magic tree.

We can also recommend the digital content for our large-scale exhibition on performance art and secret services Artists & Agents (2019-20). In addition to thematically in-depth podcasts and video clips, you will find additional background information and impressions of the exhibition.

In addition, for all exhibitions since The Alt-Right Complex (2019) there is the possibility to download the freely available PDF versions of the corresponding exhibition magazines on the website. In addition to introductions by the respective curators, the website also contains many interviews, thematic essays, glossaries and illustrations.

We also provide further information about the current exhibition Faţadă/Facade: a podcast series by and with Olga Felker is planned for the supporting program and is already in production. The freelance media artist and journalist focuses on topics such as feminism, intercultural dialogue and anti-racism. In four episodes of the podcast, the author will shed light on the background of the project Faţadă/Facade, explain the social and political contexts and discuss the significance of the project for the city of Dortmund. In four episodes, she will talk to the project's participants, such as the members of the Wertstatt Mallinckrodtstraße, the curatorial co-director of Interkultur Ruhr Fabian Saavedra-Lara, HMKV director Dr. Inke Arns, as well as other facilitators in the city. Additionally, several video clips will give an impression of the exhibition itself.

The entire HMKV team hopes to be able to invite visitors to the exhibition Faţadă/Facade, which will run until 21 March 2021.

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