HMKV's new magazine covering the exhibition "Computer Grrrls" is now available

The new Computer Grrrls exhibition magazine is now available to order from the publishing house Verlag Kettler in print and can be obtained as a free download (PDF) from our website. Later on, as usual, the magazine will also be available for purchase on-site at HMKV’s Bookshop at HMKV at the Dortmunder U.

Cmptr Grrrlz brings together 23 international artistic positions that negotiate the complex relationship between gender and technology in past and present. The book deals with the link between women and technology from the first human computers to the current revival of technofeminist movements. An illustrated timeline with over 200 entries covers these developments from the 18th century to the present day.

The publication presents artists, hackers, makers and researchers who are working on how to think differently about technology: by questioning the gender bias in big data and artificial intelligence, promoting an open and diversified Internet, and designing utopian technologies.

The perspectives presented here address a broad range of topics: electronic colonialism, the place of minorities on the Internet, the sexist bias of algorithms, the dangerous dominance of white men in the development of artificial intelligence and digital surveillance, but also ideas on how we can change our traditional ways of thinking.

More information on the publication here and on the exhibition here.

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