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Dan Perjovschi. The Book of Notebooks

Buch | 2018

20 €

I do one notebook for every show or project. It is like a pocket studio and research space. In the notebook drawings are pushed further to the limit and are not very PC. There are a lot of bad drawings, things that do not work out, lame jokes. Humour is hard to capture... Of the two hundred drawings in a notebook, thirty or fifty will make it onto the wall an maybe ten will make it into the general repertoire. The repertoire began in 2000 and since then drawings have been incorporated and discarded, rolling from one wall to the next.
I am the happiest when I draw in the notebook and I know the drawing is good. Translating it onto the wall is also good, but it is just a translation.
I draw, I happy.
(Dan Perjovschi)

Titel: Dan Perjovschi. The Book of Notebooks
Herausgeber: PEPLUSPATRU Association, Bukarest, Rumänien und Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin, Deutschland
Gestaltung: Editorial concept: Alina Șerban
Mit Beiträgen von: Kristine Stiles, Alina Șerban, Jelena Vesić, What, How & from Whom / WHW
Jahr: 2018
Sprache: englisch/rumänisch
Format: 16,6cm x 23cm / 576 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen
Verlag: P+4 Publications
ISBN: 978-973-0-25858-5
Preis: 20,00 € (zzgl. Versand/ plus shipping)

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