Thies Mynther: DEFENDER / Border Control (Original Soundtrack)

Vinyl EP | 2021 | 40,00€ plus shipping

The vinyl EP DEFENDER / Border Control (Original Soundtrack) (2021) is an edition of 100 numbered copies by Thies Mynther. It is based on the video works of the same name by Stefan Panhans and Andrea Winkler.

Thies Mynther (*1968) has played a leading role as lyricist, musician and producer on over a hundred albums – whether in his own formations such as Phantom Ghost or as collaborator with artists such as Miss Kittin, Chicks on Speed or Dillon. He also writes and stages his own musical theatre pieces, performances, exhibitions and video works and has worked for the stage as composer, musician and musical director with directors as diverse as Nicolas Stemann, Sebastian Baumgarten or Showcase Beat Le Mot.

Thies Mynther, personal statement, May 2021:

"Some works are so densely woven that it is promising to trace their reference spaces in other formal languages. This is how the idea came about to cross the levels of the meaning of DEFENDER and Border Control in an idiom that repeatedly brushes against the protagonists' heated discourses like semantic swirls of cold air: music. The fact that they repeatedly mistrust its emotional radiance in the most delightful way is a point of connection for me, which I followed up from the soundtrack of the films – and that's how this EP came about, wonderfully charged by the fulminant ensembles of both films: An original soundtrack."

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DEFENDER / Border Control (Original Soundtrack)


Thies Mynther


7 tracks, in total 24 min.


100, numbered, hand-signed by Thies Mynther, Andrea Winkler & Stephan Panhans, incl. HMKV exhibition poster

Cover design

Andrea Winkler & Stefan Panhans




40,00 € plus shipping, orders via


The EP can be pre-ordered now and will be shipped from the beginning of August.

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