In the four podcast episodes of the first season the author Olga Felker shines a light on the background of the project Faţadă/Façade.

Ludwig Forum Aachen, HMKV at the Dortmunder U and others

A research project on the development of algorithms for pattern recognition in big data research at the Ludwig Forum Aachen and the HMKV, Dortmund.


While the first season focused on the exhibition and the workshop Mallinckrodtstraße, the second season is intended to provide space for discourse. The episodes are published one by one every friday, starting 02/19 until 03/26/2021 and continue to be available for streaming.


+++ PREMIERE +++
The Georgian artist Zauri Matikashvili, who lives in Münster, is filming on behalf of the HMKV in Dortmund's Nordstadt district, where he investigated questions of housing and neighbourhood development and shed light on the strategies of Roma self-organizations.

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