Film: Förräderi / Verrat (Betrayal)

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The documentary by Fredrik von Krusenstjerna und Björn Cederberg reviews the story of an artist turned agent: Sascha Anderson, formerly known as a dissident and author, was exposed as a former Stasi informer in the 1990s. He mostly spied on colleagues and artists in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, including Cornelia Schleime – a featured artist in the exhibition Artists & Agents.
The director Björn Cederberg will be present.

Förräderi / Verrat (Betrayal)

SWE | 1995 | 61 Min.
by Björn Cederberg and Fredrik von Krusenstjerna

The film will be shown in the original version (German & Swedish) with German Subtitles.

More information here (Swedish).

As part of the "Little Friday" celebrating the anniversary year of the Dortmund U.


Admission free!


Dortmunder U | Cinema at the U
44137 Dortmund

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