Raimund Müller

First chairman

Stefan Hilterhaus

Executive board

Dr. Inke Arns


Johanna Knott

Management Board (on parental leave)

Simone Czech

Consultant for Finance, Accounting and Controlling

Katharina Priestley

Assistant Management

Stephan Karass

Technical Director

Kathleen Ansorg

Project Management, Comissioning and Sustainability Management

Regina Weidmann

Project Management

Nina Petryk

Project Management

Cernat Siminoc (Roger)

Project Management

Jessica Piechotta

Assistant Project Management

Jelena Löckner

Head of PR and Marketing

Christine Bartsch

PR and Marketing

Martin Adler

Assistant PR and Marketing

Stephanie Brysch

Cultural Education

Fabian Saavedra-Lara

Head of Office

Klaas Werner

Head of Project Management Office

Natascha Kurek

Project Management Office

Riccarda Hessling

Head of PR and Marketing Office

Information staff

Lennart Kurth, Silvia Liebig, Richard Opoku­-Agyemang, Linda Richerd, Sabrina Richmann, Miu-­Ho Tang, Ulrik Schreckert-Fischer, Hanna Schröder, Bela Breuer

Job applications

Please note that due to cost and sustainability reasons it is not possible for us to return any documents that were sent to us unsolicitedly. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Currently, we do not offer any internships.

Contact information

Responsible according to press law:
Dr. Inke Arns,
Director Hartware MedienKunstVerein e.V. (HMKV)
Executive board: Raimund Müller (chair), Stefan Hilterhaus
Registered at district court (Amtsgericht) Dortmund, VR4833
VAT No. DE 268698763

Hoher Wall 15
D-44137 Dortmund
Tel. +49 231/ 13732155