Dagie Brundert: Muttitelefon

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01– 30 June 2023

"This pole here... where are the lines? The wires? The connections? Look, they're gone! What's happening? I'll take a closer look.“ In Muttitelefon, Dagie Brundert searches for these lines of connection that seem impossible to find in the man-made world.

"I have to lie down on the ground. Listen. Slow down." In a conscious, contemplative moment, she contacts "Mother Nature" and finds a multitude of large-scale networks beneath the earth. Microbes, spores, bacteria. Organisms without which we as humans cannot (survive).

"Be a broadcast tower, or just shut up for a while." Humans distribute and receive information, is permanently and continuously on-air. Dagie Brundert - in her typically grainy Super 8 film aesthetic - draws new, visible axes and exposes how we can communicate with each other with a multitude of possibilities - and at the same time need to take a break. (Cornelius Ferber)


Selected by Cornelius Ferber (HMKV)


Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert studied graphic and experimental film design at the HdK in Berlin and discovered her passion for (Super 8) film in the late 80s.

Since then, she has worked exclusively with her Nizo Super 8 camera, producing films of varying lengths. With restless enthusiasm she taught herself what she could, animated everything she could, soaked up what she learned and at the same time passed it on by holding workshops on all aspects of producing Super 8 films for many years. As a result, she is now considered a specialist in biologically developed Super-8 films (as well as analog pinhole photography), which she develops in substances that are harmless to health and have a pleasant scent, such as coffee grounds, algae, red wine, beer, strawberry or elderflower. For many years she has been on the trail of chance, beauty in the banal and wabisabi (a Japanese aesthetic concept of beauty).


Filmography 1988 – 2022 (Selection)

23 Barbiepuppen kippen um (1988) | Cowboy, reite immer schneller! (1989) | Schmetterlingsküsse (1998) | Milchwolken Liebe (2002) | Schnee gestern Schnee heute (2003) | Die Selbstheilung meines Fahrrades (2008) | Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich? Bin ich reich? ... (2015) | Yksi Kaksi Kolme (2020), Smilestone and the Sea (2020)| Dalai Dalai (2020) |


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01–30 June 2023

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Dagie Brundert


Super-8-Film, 5:13 min., 2022